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Al ittefaq Trading is one of the largest exporters of compressed hay products. Al ittefaq Trading offer a variety of hay products such as Alfalfa Hay, Timothy hay, Sudan grass, Bermuda, oat hay, Klein grass, and grass hay.
Al ittefaq Trading also supplies premium alfalfa to meet the dairy’s requirements, and Al ittefaq Trading can provide fodder based on your preference for bale size, test values, and other criteria.
Moreover, Al ittefaq Trading supply hay for different animals like Camels, Horses, Goats, Sheep, and Cows according to their specific needs. Al ittefaq Trading offers different supply options to provide safe and stable products to all customers. Additionally, our hay resource allows for various options regarding cutting and state of origin preference.

Our Chairman

M Imran Hussain Cheema.

As the esteemed Chairman of Al ittefaq Fodder Trading LLC, Mr. Imran Hussain Cheema embodies visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. With an extensive background in the agricultural industry, Mr. Imran Hussain Cheema has been instrumental in steering the company towards remarkable achievements and sustained growth.

Baler Machine.

Our Baler Machine working in our Farm. Al ittefaq Fodder Trading LLC has become one of the largest fodder production and trading companies in the World. We have variety of Products.

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